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Why Do We Need a Clothing Resource?

rethreads2For many individuals and families experiencing poverty the option to buy new kitchenware or winter clothes does not exist. Seemingly simple items such as a saucepan or a wintercoat don't make the cut when dire financial decisons have to made. At the same time, it is these simple items that many of us take for granted that make up an individual or family's livelihood. A set of dishes or a warm sweater can make all the difference in building someone up to move towards their greatest potential.

It is for this reason that La Puente operates a "free clothing store" where those in need can get the basic necessities that make up day to day life. 

How Do We Meet That Need?

RethreadsClientsRethreads endeavors to meet the clothing needs of local community members by providing free clothing to those struggling to afford the purchase of necessary clothing items. Every human being has the right to warm clothes, and La Puente strives to guarantee that right.

Whether it is a warm, winter coat or a new outfit for a job interview, Rethreads is available for women, men, and children in the San Luis Valley. Anyone in need is welcome to visit Rethreads once per month.


10 am- 2 pm or by appointment

511 6th Street Alamosa, CO

(719) 588-9052

What Can You Do To Help?

Rethreads is always looking for quality donations of clothing, shoes, baby clothes, kitchen wares and utencils, small kitchen appliances, toliet paper and tolietries, diapers, and other household needs. To donate contact Rethreads at (719)588-9052

Rethreads Contact

Rethreads Community Clothing
511 6th Ave.
Alamosa, CO 81101


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